Franchise Program

Franchise Program

Unlock financial prosperity with asha purti franchise

Asha Purti Franchise Program: Start Your Own Gold Loan Business & Earn Up to 15 Lacs* + Monthly

Welcome to Asha Purti Loans, a division of Golden Legend Leasing and Finance Limited. We are pleased to offer an exciting opportunity to start your own Gold Loan and other loan business, without the burdensome paperwork and strict compliance requirements associated with establishing an NBFC. Through our unique concept of “Loan Co-Operative,” our franchisees and partners can benefit from shared business opportunities and funding within our network, ensuring a solid foundation for conducting business.

franchise program

This is a golden opportunity to earn a substantial income ranging from ₹2,50,000/- to ₹15,00,000/- per month, with the potential for annual growth. In the current economic climate with rising inflation, people require funding against gold or other securities to meet unexpected expenses. At Asha Purti, we believe in sharing knowledge and resources to help our partners generate profits and contribute to building the largest Gold Co-Operative in the country with significant gold valuation.

Let"s discuss the eligibility criteria and the process to embark on this prosperous and secure investment opportunity. Whether you are a businessman, professional, aspiring entrepreneur, housewife, or someone with a passion for finance seeking a profitable venture in these challenging times, we have the perfect solution to help you get started.

How Does This Work?

Franchisee Agreement: Sign the Franchisee Agreement to become a part of the Asha Purti family and start your journey in the finance and lending industry.

Setting Up Your Lending Centre:We will help you establish your Asha Purti Lending centre, which will serve as the central location for managing your lending business.

Vault/Safe Installation: Install a secure vault/safe at your lending centre for the safe storage of mortgaged gold.

Software Training: Our experienced team will provide comprehensive training to your staff on the Asha Purti Loan management software, ensuring they are proficient in operating the system.

APCMP Training: Your franchise manager will receive training on the APCMP (Asha Purti Call Money Platform) to effectively utilize the platform for lending activities.

Valuation and Verification Training:We will train your staff, in collaboration with a third-party expert, to accurately value and verify the gold that comes through your lending centre.

Bank Account Setup: We will assist you in setting up a dedicated bank account for lending and depositing funds, which you will manage and operate.

Certificate of Operation:Once your lending centre is operational and self-sufficient, we will issue you a Certificate of Operation to acknowledge your successful establishment.

Ongoing Support: Our team will be available to provide assistance whenever you require support or guidance in any aspect of your lending business.

What is that the business seeks from an Asha Purti Franchise?

A successful Asha Purti franchise should possess few key qualities:
  • Service Attitude and Quick Learning:Possess an excellent service attitude and the ability to quickly grasp our proven management techniques.
  • Reputation and Community Standing:Our partners/franchisees should possess a respectable reputation and have a strong foundation within the community and the city.Business Experience: While not essential, having some prior business experience can be advantageous for your Asha Purti success.
  • Space Requirement:The business requires approximately 300 sq. ft of space (ownership preferred) to set up the franchise
  • Finance Exposure:Basic exposure to the finance industry is preferable.
  • Strong Financial Background:Applicants should have a solid financial background, with available liquidity or revolving credit of at least ₹2.00 Cr* (to lend against Gold)..
  • Reputation and Community Standing:Our Partner / Franchise should be of respectable reputation with a solid foundation within the community and the city.
By fulfilling these qualifications and expectations, you can embark on a rewarding journey as an Asha Purti franchise, contributing to the growth and success of our financial services network.
What is that the business seeks

Why Choose Us?

  • Renowned NBFC Parent company with over 40 years of experience in loans, providing valuable guidance to our franchise partners for efficient business operations
  • With our NBFC status, we offer financing up to 95% of the gold valuation, empowering our franchise partners to meet borrower's funding requirements
  • Rest assured, all necessary licenses and compliance requirements are taken care of by our company, ensuring a smooth and legally sound business operation.
  • We extend comprehensive sales and marketing support on a local and countrywide scale, enabling our franchise partners to reach their target audience effectively.
  • We extend comprehensive sales and marketing support on a local and countrywide scale, enabling our franchise partners to reach their target audience effectively.
  • You will benefit from the unwavering support of our dedicated teams, including sales, IT, research and development, legal and compliance, and training, all offered free of charge or at actual costs if required.
  • Your responsibility as a franchise partner includes safeguarding the gold deposits entrusted to you during the mortgaged period, ensuring their secure custody throughout.
why choose us

The Advantages of Asha Purti

advantages of aashapurti
  • Budget Approved by Head Office:Enjoy peace of mind knowing that the budget for your lending business is approved by our experienced head office. We provide the necessary financial support to kickstart your journey towards success.
  • Entire Software Provided:Experience the power of a complete software system tailored for your lending business. Our cutting-edge software streamlines operations, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in managing loans.
  • Locally Employed Manager Expertly Trained by Asha Purti:Our franchise offers the advantage of having a locally employed manager who is expertly trained by Asha Purti. They bring the knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage your lending centre.
  • Centralized Social Media Control:Our central office takes care of social media promotions, allowing you to focus on serving your customers and expanding your business
  • Comprehensive Security Infrastructure:Gain your customer's trust by assuring them of the robust security infrastructure we provide. From advanced CCTV surveillance to stringent safety protocols, we prioritize the safety and protection of their pledged gold assets.
  • 24/7 Power Arrangement and Generators:Ensure uninterrupted operations with our assistance in arranging continuous power supply. In case of power outages, generators will be readily available, keeping your business running smoothly.
  • Safety Management and Lockers:With our guidance, implement robust safety management practices to safeguard the valuable gold assets entrusted to you. Our provision of secure lockers adds an extra layer of protection.
  • Central Management by Main Office:Benefit from the expertise and experience of our main office as they centrally manage the operations of all franchisees. This ensures consistency, efficiency, and the leverage of a strong brand reputation.
  • Central Customer Care Number:Delight your customers with our centralized customer care number. They can reach out for any assistance or queries, knowing that prompt and efficient support is just a phone call away.
  • Uniform System for all Franchisees:Join a network of like-minded franchisees who follow the same tried-and-tested system, processes, and guidelines. This fosters uniformity, enhances operational efficiency, and maintains the high standards set by Asha Purti.
  • No Local Changes or Amendments:Preserve the integrity of our proven business model. Local franchisees cannot make changes or amendments without prior approval from the main office, ensuring consistency and adherence to our trusted processes.
  • Stationery and ID Cards Provided:Present a professional image with our provision of high-quality stationery and ID cards for your lending centre. I'ss the attention to detail that reflects our commitment to excellence.
  • Smooth Process Assured:Expert Lawyers on Our Panel to Assist You! - Ensure a smooth and hassle-free process with the support of our panel of the expert legal team. They are readily available to check and provide guidance, ensuring legal compliance and assisting you every step of the way.